eVizzit is part of a joint venture creating a telepsychiatry cooperative called Integrated Telehealth Partners (ITP). ITP believes we can and should be doing a better job of providing mental health care.

ITP contracts directly with hospitals, community mental health centers, or any other healthcare setting in need of psychiatric services. ITP has Board Certified Psychiatrists and Psych Certified ARNPs who provide real - time care using top-of-the line HD video/web conferencing.

Click tabs below to learn more about our service areas. For more information, please visit www.IntegratedTelehealth.org or call 855-270-3625.

  • Emergency Departments
  • Medical Floor Consultations
  • Inpatient Behavioral Health
  • Community Mental Health
  • Primary Care Offices

Services and Advantages Provided to Emergency Departments and Crisis Centers

  • Offer 24/7/365 access to emergency psychiatric care
  • Improve ED throughput
  • Promptly deliver physician consults, patient evaluations, psych medication management, and crisis de-escalation
  • Decrease boarding time, staff observation time, restraint time, seclusion time, forced medications, hospital admissions and re-admissions
  • Reduce risk and liability to hospital, physicians, and staff when treating suicidal, homicidal, agitated, or aggressive patients
  • Improve patient outcomes and quality of care with a trained psychiatrist giving treatment recommendations

Services and Advantages Provided to Medical Floor

  • Offer dependable and timely access to psychiatric services
  • Provide the support needed to your medical staff by offering psychiatric evaluations and consultations
  • Improve quality of patient care by having a trained psychiatrist available to the hospital's treatment team and decrease the potential for lengthy stays or re-admission
  • Make discharges more efficient by accessing dependable psychiatrists

Services and Advantages Provided to Inpatient Behavioral Health

  • Offer scheduled access to psychiatrists with extensive inpatient experience
  • Ability to utilize telepsychiatry for processing newly admitted patients requiring a psychiatrist assessment
  • Increase hospital efficiency by augmenting telepsychiatry into patient treatment plans
  • Ability to utilize telepsychiatry for rounding, after-hours call, and holiday call
  • Boost morale and job satisfaction of on-sight psychiatrists and improve physician retention rates

Services and Advantages Provided to Community Mental Health

  • Offer scheduled access to adult, child, and geriatric psychiatrists for outpatient treatment
  • Quality psychiatric care to remote locations or satellite offices using HD Video Technology decreasing travel costs for patients and in-house providers
  • Improve physician utilization and effectiveness with the support of telepsychiatry services
  • Enhance continuity of care with consistent access to quality psychiatrists even during times of physician turnover
  • Decrease strain on in-house psychiatrists, due to vacant psychiatrist positions, by not increasing patient loads
  • More cost effective than pricey locum tenens by eliminating agency fees, travel reimbursement, and temporary housing costs
  • Reduces recruiting and retention costs by accessing qualified psychiatrists through eVizzit

Services and Advantages Provided to Primary Care Practices

  • Offer scheduled access to adult, child, and geriatric psychiatrists for outpatient treatment
  • Quality psychiatric care within your primary care practice using HD Video Technology
  • Decrease wait time for patients to get a scheduled appointment with a Board Certified Psychiatrist
  • Improve patient outcomes by offering integrated psychiatric care within your office
  • Increase access to psychiatric consultation, patient evaluation, and evidence-base psychiatric treatment plans
  • Access to Board Certified Psychiatrists for medical staff training and education resulting in more specialized services being offer
  • Additional billable services